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Hey there, My name is Aniket Singh. I am a Computer Science Graduate from Sandip Institute of Technology and Research Center. Currently, I am working as a Software Development Engineer at WebOasis, my role at the organization involves developing the frontend of applications, integrating third-party API in the frontend, collaborating with designer and backend developer, and many more. During work, I always make sure to follow the best coding practices and write optimized code. My passion for technology encourages me to learn something new every day and look for blogs and tutorials to improve my code more.

Besides these technical things, I love mentoring students in tech and provide them all necessary resources in order to excel in their fields. I previously served as a GDSC Lead and Campus Leads of many organizations which helped me to improve my communication and team building skills. I also took part in many open source programs by contributing to many open source projects which helped me to gain software engineering practises and fundamentals of git and GitHub.

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Work Experience

  • July 2022 - Present

    Software Development Engineer - WebOasis

    Building applications using ReactJS, Javascript and Web3.

  • March 2022 - May 2022

    Frontend Intern - WebOasis

    Developed frontend for Thailand-based Construction and Home Services website. Responsible for laying out folder structure of the frontend application. Collaborated with team members using version control systems such as Git to organize modifications. Translated the designs provided by the designer into code.

  • August 2021 - October 2021

    Frontend Intern - WebOasis

    Solved front-end related bugs of a fan-based ticket booking platform. Developed frontend of 2 decentralized applications. Collaborated with the designer to convert the design into code. Collaborated with the senior developer for developing the portfolio website of WebOasis.

Volunteering Experience

  • 20 March 2020

    Scaler Academy:Campus Lead

    The student club of India's first online tech academy. Scaler Achievers learn lifelong transferable skills, develop as future leaders, and help their peers in college gain high-quality technical skills.

  • 20 May 2020

    GirlScript Foundation: Campus Hero

    The Campus hero is a PAN India networking program to bring awareness and educate people in Tech for the college students in the country.

  • 12 July 2020

    Mozilla Campus Club:CESA Club SITRC

    Mozilla’s mission is to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. A Mozilla University & College Club is a group of students with a passion for technology who meet regularly to advance this mission by building and innovating on open source projects that keep the web open.

  • 18 August 2020

    Progate Volunteer

    We believe programming is a power that can change ourselves, our surroundings, and the world, regardless of age, gender, race, or position. We want everyone to have this wonderful power. And we want to open new doors of many lives alone.As a volunteer, we can help students in India to learn new tech skills.

  • 10 January 2021

    Technical Content Writer-eduAlgo Organization

    My role was to provide blogs on Data Structures, Open Source, Python and Javascript.

  • 10 August 2021

    Google DSC Lead

    Google Developer Student Club Leads are passionate leaders at their university who are dedicated to helping their peers learn and connect. These Leads may be pursuing various undergraduate or graduate university degrees but have a good foundational knowledge of software development concepts. Google collaborates with Leads and supports them as they start and grow their on-campus community.



My Skills



Gold Rate Tracker

Gold Rate Tracker is the application which focuses on gold rates and also it helps money lenders/gold traders to easily check the fluctuation of gold rates using tabular and Graphical representation.

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Solutions Hub

We the group of 3 students has created a website for pune university students for providing them the course notes, time-table, syllabus etc.

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Business Website

A website built for Nand Transport Service, it is developed using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Chatbot integration using Dialogflow, email storage using firebase.

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Portfolio Website

An interactive, fully functional and responsive portfolio website to showcase some of my skills and works. It is developed using HTML5 and CSS3.

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Dummy Bank

Dummy_Bank is a bank management system application in which user can create, update, delete and search particular account. Our end uses are bank employees.

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A Website portal where health workers can diagnose patient using video call facility, learn through courses sections and check risk factor of patients.

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Guessing Game

A Simple Guessing game built using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Player will need to guess the number between 1 to 100.

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Techno Socials

An extension to manage all the social handles at a click. It has been deployed at Microsoft store.

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Expense Tracker

A visualize dashboard that shows your expenses with expense meter.

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